Super 10 Entering Into The Final Round
June 6 at Aberdeen Centre


The 10 finalists of Super 10 - Star Level Stage have overcome many hurdles since entering into the final round of the competition. Each of the final 10 has picked one judge as his/her mentor to guide them through the last stage of training. Renowned music producer Richard Yuen’s group members include Cammy Lu, Jason Li, and Allen Ding while Athena Wong and Tony Tse have joined the group of Hong Kong singer-songwriter Jerald Chan. Popular music teacher Annabelle Louie has taken on an all female team of Emily Yeh, Maggie Liu and Delia Ma, and finally, Tina Hu and Jun Meng have teamed up to learn under local songwriter Raymond Sham. After a month of intensive training with helpful tips provided by the four professionals, the contestants will be stepping onto the stage at Aberdeen Centre this Saturday at 2:30pm for the ultimate song battle. The winner will represent Vancouver to compete in the International New Talent Singing Awards in Hong Kong. Through Fairchild TV’s Super 10 Star Level Stage television program, fans have already witnessed the 10 contestant’s struggles through various challenges over the past 6 weeks. Come and support these passionate, music-loving youths battle it out in person this Saturday and cheer for your favourite contestant!

Super 10 Final 15


After two rounds of super-exciting preliminary audition, 15 talented voices have received blessings from the judging panel and will be moving forward to confront three months of elimination competitions. Only the most charismatic and powerful voice will be named the champion.

The contestants will undergo a series of challenges, with one outstanding performance to determine their survival in the competition. Judging panel will closely monitor the entire process and the remarkable Super 10 will be able to select a judge as their mentor for the Final, including record and concert producer and CASH Popular Music Song-writing Competition music director Richard Yuen, renowned singing coach Annabelle Louie, Hong Kong singer-songwriter pioneer and member of Swing, Jerald Chan, and local songwriter and New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition music director Raymond Sham. Each Contestant will receive tailored training from his or her chosen mentor and will learn to improve their skills in preparation for the Final, taking place on June 6th in Aberdeen Centre. The champion will represent Vancouver to compete in the International New Talent Singing Awards in Hong Kong, rising up to stand on the star-studded stage.

The other 9 finalists will move on to the Super 10 Ultimate Challenge held in Michael J. Fox Theatre on July 15th. Along with previous NTSA and Super 10 participants, they will compete for a chance to enter into the Final of Emperor Entertainment Group Singing Contest in Hong Kong. EEG considers the Ultimate Challenge a great opportunity to discover new music talents in Vancouver, hence will send a team of professional including executives, managers, producers and artistes to Vancouver to select the most powerful voices here. Will the experienced contenders excel in the competition, or will the new Super 10 finalists steal the show?

As the Super 10 contestants are fighting for the way to stardom, the series of elimination rounds leading to the Final are sure to be spectacular. Each round will be taped and broadcast in ‘Star Level Stage’ on Sundays at 8:35pm-9:00pm beginning from April 26th. You can also review each contestant’s performance clips on the Fairchild TV website and vote for your favorite singer!

Last Chance to enter for Super 10


The first round of Super 10 preliminary audition has just been completed. Many talented voices gathered to stand on stage and chase after their dreams. Participants sang a variety of Chinese, Western and even Korean hit songs in hopes of earning the judging panel’s favour. Those who were unable to perform to their full potential at first received comments and tips from the judges and applied to re-audition the same afternoon. If you want to give yourself a second chance to earn a spot in the competition, or you missed the first audition, come out to the last round taking place this Sunday March 29th. Drop-ins are welcome between 10am-4pm. One last opportunity to win one of four passes to compete in EEG Singing Contest or International New Talent Singing Awards in Hong Kong!

Due to the large number of drop-in applicants, Fairchild TV is accepting reservations for audition on March 29th so as to shorten the wait time for contestants. To reserve, please email your Chinese and English names along with your phone number to Our staff will be in touch to arrange an audition time for you. In addition, please prepare a1 minute 30 seconds music on a CD or USB for your audition.

Super 10 - Star Level Stage
A ticket to Superstardom


Super10 Star Level Stage is a perfect platform for aspiring young talents to achieve their dreams. This year, Super 10 finalists will be given the chance to enter directly into the EEG Singing Contest Final hosted by Emperor Entertainment Group in Hong Kong.

Emperor Entertainment Group is one of the most influential conglomerates in Asia, with superstars Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Hins Cheung, Raymond Lam, Twins, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, Ken Hung and Mag Lam all under its management.

Nicholas Tse Joey Yung Hins Cheung Raymond Lam Twins
Vincy Chan Sherman Chung Ken Hung Mag Lam

Promising music talents in recent years like Phil Lam and M.E Feng all started from Vancouver and took off in Asia. In light of this, Emperor Entertainment Group perceives the Super 10 contest in Vancouver as the place to spot gifted individuals to develop a career in the entertainment industry. An elite team of representatives from EEF including top management, producers, managers, and artistes will fly in from Hong Kong to select outstanding participants from the Super Ten stage to compete with other contestants in the EEG Singing Contest Final in Hong Kong. The next EEG superstar could be you! Don't miss the chance to ignite your music passion here in Vancouver! Deadline is Match 19th.

Super 10 – Star Level Stage


Highlight # 1: The winner will represent Vancouver in the International New Talent Singing Awards

Hosted by Fairchild TV, Super 10 Contest is returning to Vancouver! This year, we are raising the stakes by presenting Super10-Star Level Stage. Are you an aged 18-30 passionate singer with talents that are itching to showcase to the world? This is the golden opportunity for you to realize your dreams! The winner of this competition will embark on an amazing musical journey by representing Vancouver to compete in the International New Talent Singing Awards organized by HK-TVB. 2007 New Talent Singing Award winner Phil Lam began his musical career after participating at the International competition. A reflection of his hit song “Ups and Downs”, Phil’s experience was not a totally pleasant one. However, he managed to capture many music awards in 2014, gaining recognition in the music industry while setting a perfect example for aspiring musicians.

2013 Super 10 Young Generation Group winner Wendy He also represented Vancouver in the same competition last year, sharing a stage with promising new singers from all over the world, and opening up her eyes to an extraordinary experience.

Highlight # 2: TV reality show – Increase your popularity

In order to step onto the Star Level Stage, competitors must go through a series of elimination tests and challenges which will be recorded and broadcast through the Star Stage television program. Audience members will be able to follow the entire process and cheer for their favorite competitor while you as a contestant will have the chance to perform in front of thousands of TV viewers on television and become a household name.

Highlight # 3: Choose your own mentor

Even the most talented singers need a mentor to guide them at the initial stage of their singing career. We have invited a team of professionals to coach the finalists for the competition. Competitors will be able to choose their own mentor from a team of four, including record and concert producer and CASH Popular Music Songwriting Competition music director Richard Yuen, renowned singing coach Annabelle Louie, Hong Kong singer-songwriter pioneer and member of Swing, Jerald Chan, and local songwriter and New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition music director Raymond Sham. These outstanding personalities will provide contestants with individual training and bring out their full potentials for the Star Level stage.

Super10 -- Star Level Stage will be holding preliminary auditions on March 21st and 29th. Apart from in-person auditions and re-auditions, applicants may also submit audition videos online. Don't miss your chance to step onto this amazing stage and show off your musical talents! Deadline is March 19th.